About Us

We have started FlexUp™, because we believe in combining natural concepts with technology. We aim at providing the right solutions to prevent and alleviate bunion pain. We understand the overwhelming discomfort bunions can cause, leading to us "just getting by", instead of fully enjoying life. Our products are specifically designed to improve life from the comfort of your home. We wholeheartedly stand by our products and can't wait for you to feel the difference they make! 

Unfortunately, over 80% of people will suffer bunion pain at some point in their lives - our staff at FlexUp™ have dedicated their careers to developing the best solutions and tools for back health, posture correction, pain relief and pain prevention.

We believe that everyone deserves a pain free life.

We know you'll love our products for years to come - making a difference in the lives of our customers is what we love to do.

With a risk-free ironclad 30-day no questions asked Money Back.

If you don't have a positive experience for​ ANY​ reason, you can quickly contact our helpful customer support team and we will answer your question immediately.

If you've read our story, use code ABOUTUS20, to enjoy 20% off your entire order on us :)

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- The FlexUp™ Team.